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'''Joseph Allen "Country Joe" McDonald''' (born January 1, 1942) is an American musician who was the lead singer of the 1960s psychedelic rock group Country Joe and the Fish.Richard Brenneman, [ "Country Joe McDonald Revives Anti-War Anthem"], ''Berkeley Daily Planet'', April 16, 2004, accessed July 18, 2007.
Birth nameJoseph Allen McDonald
AliasCountry Joe
Birth date{{birth date and age|1942|01|01}}
Death date| instrument = vocals, guitar
Birth placeWashington, D.C.
OccupationMusician, political activist
GenreAlternative country, Country music|country, Bluegrass music|bluegrass, country rock, Folk music|folk, psychedelic rock, acid rock
Spouse| parents = Worden McDonald and Florence Plotnick
ChildrenSeven McDonald, Devin McDonald, Tara McDonald
Years active1959–Present
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